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Council backs smoke-free eating

Image of man smoking to illustrate the Smoke-Free Hertfordshire campaign
Establishments that offer smoke-free eating will be given free publicity
Welwyn Hatfield (WHDC) is campaigning for more restaurants, cafes, and hotels to go smoke-free. A website is being built to promote establishments that cater for non-smokers.

The initiative is part of a countywide move for a ‘smoke-free Hertfordshire’, and is aimed at coinciding with National No Smoking Day on 10 March.

Members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite smoke-free establishments. A list will be compiled and those who comply will be given free publicity by the local authority.

The council says it is encouraging smoke-free eating because of a change in attitude to ‘eating in an atmosphere polluted by second-hand smoke’.

WHDC says a survey, published by the Office for National Statistics in July 2003, showed that 88% of people asked said they would like to see restrictions in place on smoking when they were eating. The authority also says there are increasing concerns about passive smoking and its affect on health.

The new website, called ‘Totally Smoke Free Eating’ will offer free publicity for businesses that offer either smoke-free eating in a room completely separated by a closed door from smoking areas, or totally smoke-free premises, where smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

Members of the public who want to vote for a smoke-free restaurant, café, or hotel, are invited to e-mail suggestions to

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

5 January 2004

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