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Paths the priority of parish plan

Local countryside scene
Improved footpaths could be one result of the North Mymms PEAP
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
The footpath network of North Mymms is to be opened up, improved and mapped out, in a collection of local walks for all ages to explore and enjoy the local countryside.

The steering group for the North Mymms PEAP (Parish Environmental Action Plan) has decided that, subject to public consultation when all local residents will be given the chance to have their say, the footpaths of the parish will be the priority.

The PEAP is a countywide initiative in which the Hertfordshire Countryside Management Service (CMS) offers funds and support to enhance the local countryside for the benefit of all.

Around £6,000 in grants is available for successful bids, as local parishes are given the opportunity to come up with ideas for increasing awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Other grants are also available from the Parish Paths Partnership should North Mymms residents decide that paths are the worth investing in.

As well as listing a selection of walks along local footpaths, the PEAP might also explore the setting up of a 12-mile long-distance path to be known as the North Mymms Way. This would offer the more energetic local residents the chance for a full day’s hike in the surrounding countryside, without leaving the parish boundary.

This spring, all residents of the parish will receive a leaflet and form in the post inviting them to make suggestions for the PEAP. Online forms will also be available.

A number of road shows will run during the summer at which people can quiz members from the CMS on what should and could be done. Details of the dates and locations of these meetings will be given in the leaflet and on this site.

The PEAP is a one-off chance to capture funding to improve and enjoy the local countryside and has the full backing of North Mymms Parish Council.

You can also discuss this issue and add your thoughts and suggestions about what could be done locally in a special thread on PEAPs in this site's forum.

19 January 2004

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