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Green belt threat letter goes out

The 20-acre field
The brochure says the house would be built into a grassy mound.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

A letter is being delivered door-to-door to homes near the 20-acre field, urging residents to study planning proposals for the site and register any objections.

The North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) is taking the action so that anyone who feels they want to object to the plans to build on green belt land, can do so before the closing date of Friday 16 January.

The plans were submitted before Christmas and green belt campaigners are worried that with the festive season post and other distractions, the issue could slip through unnoticed.

The roads being targeted for the letter are Bluebridge Road, Bluebridge Avenue, The Gardens, Hawkshead Lane, Hawkshead Road, and Swanley Bar Lane.

The NMDGBS chose the roads mentioned above because they are the closest to the site, and because a wider distribution would have needed more volunteers.

However, Bob Horrocks, the honorary secretary of the NMDGBS, says that if any residents living in roads not mentioned feel strongly about the issue, they are free to print off his letter and distribute it to their neighbours.

You can read the text of the letter by clicking here and visiting the NMDGBS website.

The plans which have been submitted propose the building of a country house, with a floor area of 1,190 square metres, on local green belt land. The land is known locally as the 20-acre field, but shown on old maps as Friday Grove.

The land was sold two years ago, and speculation over the future use of the land has since been discussed in this site's forum.

Note: Bob Horrocks emphasises that only written submissions to Welwyn Hatfield Council's Planning Department will have any bearing on the local authority's decision.

He has written a report about the planning application.

The plans for the site are available for inspection by visiting the reception area at Welwyn Hatfield Council, Campus West, Welwyn Garden City. The public has until Friday 16 January, to lodge any objections. The Planning Department's phone number is 01707-357532.

2 January 2004

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