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Regulations test community centre funds

North Mymms Youth and Community Center
Regulations will hit funds
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Volunteers who run the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre are assessing the likely financial impact of new regulation, aimed at helping disabled residents.

The Disability Discrimination Act is due to become law next year.

It will mean that all village halls must have access for disabled residents, as well as adequate disabled car parking, toilet facilities and emergency escape routes for disabled people.

The bill for all this could run into thousands. According to North Mymms Youth and Community Centre committee member, Martin Ferdinando, the exact implications of the legislation on the centre's funds are still being evaluated.

But he says that with the new rules and essential maintenance to the roof, already identified, the centre is probably looking for tens of thousands of pounds to fund the work.

Those funds received a much-needed boost last weekend, when the January Jumble Sale raised more than 1,000.

Martin Ferdinando said all at the centre want to thank everyone who donated goods, those who helped sort and sell jumble on the day and all who attended.

"As a registered charity, the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre has to find funds to keep it standing. The twice-yearly jumble sales help considerably in this respect," he said.

"Funds are used to maintain the building, which is increasingly being used by residents of the village. A new dog training class has now started on a Tuesday evening and the Willowbrook Nursery continues to flourish with new youngsters attending the daily sessions," he continued.

If you are interested in assisting your community centre, you can contact Martin Ferdinando at

A discussion about youth facilities in the area has been continuing in the forum and you can also join an earlier debate about the future of the community centre.

January 18, 2003

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