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Brookmans Park’s 'snow day'

Skating on Moffats Lane
Skating on Moffats Lane
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Many Brookmans Park residents decided to take the day off on Friday, January 31, following snow storm the previous day.

Driving conditions made all journeys difficult and, with local schools opting to close for the day, it seems many people chose to stay at home.

All round the village people were out making the most of the situation, many dragging sleighs down roads usually busy with cars.

The Hertfordshire County Council website, which had not covered the weather and transport chaos during Thursday evening and Friday morning, finally updated its site at 5pm on Friday evening.

Enjoying the snow in Gobions Open Space
Enjoying the snow in Gobions Open Space
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

By the time most people were heading home, HertsDirect advised local residents 'don't go out today' unless absolutely necessary -- a warning that might have come 24-hours too late for most.

The BBC reported that weather conditions were continuing to cause chaos and that motorists who ignored police warnings to stay at home faced treacherous roads, with ice-covered routes littered with abandoned cars and lorries.

The BBC said thousands of motorists, particularly in the East Midlands and South-East England, remained stuck in huge traffic jams, while airports and parts of the rail network were severely affected.

Toboggan on Bluebridge
Toboggan on Bluebridge
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Forecasters warned of more freezing weather overnight with ice on the roads continuing to cause dangerous conditions.

This site has put together two picture galleries of Brookmans Park after the snow.

The first shows scenes in the village and the second shows scenes in the local countryside.

If you want to share your experiences of the snow storm a special thread is running in the forum.

January 31, 2003

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