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Snow brings chaos to Brookmans Park

Bradmore Green traffic grinds to a halt
Bradmore Green traffic problem
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

A heavy fall of snow caused widespread traffic problems in Brookmans Park on Thursday, with many roads difficult to negotiate and some almost impassable.

Long tail backs built up on most roads between 4pm and 7pm as cars became stuck in the drifts.

The snow began to fall at lunchtime but failed to stick. By 4pm the roads were becoming coated.

Parents collecting children from school, and other motorists driving through the village, were caught unawares as many roads became blocked by snow and cars began skidding and blocking others.

Many local schools will be closed tomorrow because of the snow. Click here for details.

A queue of cars stretched the length of Moffats, from Bluebridge to the bend by Moffats Farm, formed after two vehicles collided and others were unable to climb the hill.

Traffic also came to a halt on Bluebridge Road, with many cars skidding sideways blocking the way for others. Many side roads were similarly affected.

firework display
Bradmore Green became completely blocked as parents arrived to meet school coaches
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Several forum users have been reporting conditions in various parts of the village in a special thread set up in the forum.

It took one forum member more than two hours to drive from Potters Bar station to her home in Brookmans Park.

Please feel free to add your experiences for the benefit of those who might be venturing out, or those who are waiting for loved ones to return home.

The village centre was particularly difficult to reach, and leave, with parents gathering to meet school coaches which were either late or unable to get through.

Several parents were trying to find shelter and toilet facilities in the village unable to drive their young children home.

On all roads cars were left abandoned with some drivers opting to walk home. Others tried to force their way through only to lose grip later and become stuck.

Cars snowed in outside Alldays
Cars snowed in outside Alldays
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Many pedestrians helped push cars out of the drifts and some drivers have been knocking at doors asking to use the telephone to update friends and relatives of their situation.

One local man, whose partner had to abandon her car in Barnet, attempted to drive to her aid, but had to abandon the trip because the road ahead was blocked by traffic caught up in the drifts.

A number of local children who attend schools in St Albans and Hadley Wood had a five-hour journey to get home.

Weather forecasters say blizzards will continue this evening with the wind chill factor taking temperatures overnight well below freezing. Ice on all roads will mean difficult to dangerous driving conditions on Friday.

The BBC weather centre says people should think twice before venturing out tonight.

You can report on the state of your road for the benefit of others in a special thread set up in the forum.

A school bus leaving Chancellorís School was blocking Pine Grove stopping cars getting through.

A user of this site's forum has reported that many children from Chancellor's have been forced to walk home -- some as far as Potters Bar -- because the school coaches couldn't get through.

Feel free to share your experiences.

January 30, 2003

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