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Chancellor’s above average at all levels

chancellor's school
Chancellor's School, Brookmans Park
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large
Chancellor’s school has shown progress at every level in the latest school league table results.

On the new ‘added value’ measure, the school is above average.

In the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and the General National Vocational Qualification (GNVQ) results, Chancellor’s is well ahead of the local education authority (LEA) average and the national average.

In this category, 174 pupils were eligible, of which 13.8% were registered as special needs (SEN).

In the latest results for 2002, 70% of those pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C, or their GNVQ equivalents.

The LEA average for 2002 was 56.6%. The national average was 51.5%.

In the same category last year, Chancellor’s recorded 63%. In 2000 the figure was 58%. In 1999 it was 52%.

Added value measure

In the new ‘added value’ category, Chancellor’s scored above average in the Key Stage Two (KS2) to Key Stage Three (KS3) category, scoring 100.3. The LEA average in this category was 100.

This new measure is aimed at establishing the progress made by a single group of children. It does so by comparing their achievements with those of other pupils nationally who had the same, or similar, prior attainment.

It is rather complex. The individual scores for the pupils are averaged in order to give a score for a school as a whole. This is represented as a number based around 100.

For the KS2 to KS3 measure, a score of 101 means that, on average, each of the school's pupils made one sixth of a National Curriculum level (one term) more progress than the median, or middle range. A score of 99 means they made progress of one term less.

For schools with 50 or more eligible pupils, scores of 99.1 to 100.9 are broadly average, while for schools with more than 100 pupils, scores of 99.3 to 100.7 are broadly average.

In the KS3 to GCSE/GNVQ category, Chancellor’s scored 99.5. The LEA average was 98.5.

For this area a different set of pupils are tracked, from their test results at the age of 14, to when they took their GCSE or GNVQ exams last year.

At KS3 to GCSE/GNVQ, for schools with 50 or more eligible pupils, scores of 95.8 to 100.8 are broadly average while for schools with 100+ pupils, scores of 96.5 to 100.1 are broadly average. The bottom of the range is 80.7 and the top 116.

If every pupil in a school achieved the middle outcome for pupils with their level of previous achievement, the school would score 100.

League tables

The league tables include independent (IND) and selective (SEL) schools as well as maintained schools.

In the LEA tables Chancellor’s comes 40 out of 95. In the national tables the school is 870 out of 3,571.

In the following two lists, the percentage to the right of the school's name indicates the number of pupils achieving five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C, or their GNVQ equivalents.

The next number shows the number of pupils who were eligible. The final number, refers to the number of pupils at that school who were registered as having special needs.

All these figures need to be taken into account when assessing a school's performance or when comparing the school's results with those of another school.

NA in the lists below indicates that there is no data or that the category is not applicable.

The first list deals with maintained schools.

Dame Alice Owen - 92% - 200 eligible, SEN = 5%
St Albans Girls - 89% - 180 eligible, SEN = 3.9%
Chancellor's - 70% - 174 eligible, SEN = 13.8%
Bishop Hatfield Girls - 64% - 122 eligible, SEN = 16.4%
Mount Grace - 24% - 167 eligible, SEN = 32.2%
Onslow St Audrey - 17% - 129 eligible, SEN = NA

This second list deals with independent and selective schools.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys (IND, SEL) - 100% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls (IND, SEL) - 99% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
St Albans School (IND, SEL) - 99% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
St Albans High for Girls (IND, SEL) - 99% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
St Columba’s School (IND, SEL) - 95% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
Queenswood (IND, SEL) - 91% - NA eligible, SEN = NA
Haileybury (IND, SEL) - 89% - NA eligible, SEN = NA

The Department for Education says that next year, data will be available to measure a complete year group from Key Stage 2 through to their GCSEs.

The department says this will allow, for the first time, a single measure of their progress. (Note: The Department for Education site has been down due to demand).

The information above is taken from data on the BBC News Online school results pages.

You can discuss the school results in this site's forum.

January 23, 2003

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