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Red boxes for glass recycling

Red recycling boxes will be distributed over the next few weeks
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Welwyn Hatfield is introducing new collection boxes in an effort to encourage glass recycling.

Over the next few weeks, all 40,000 homes in the district will be given a red box for storing glass items.

The boxes will be emptied once a month.

The initiative follows on from the green boxes for storing old newspapers that were delivered to each home last year.

The authority also operates monthly garden waste collections.

WHDC says it is now recycles 100 tonnes of compost every four weeks and 63 tonnes of paper per week and that the authority now recycles 18% of its waste. The government target for recycling is 26% by 2004.

A leaflet is being delivered to all homes in the district alerting local residents to the scheme. The leaflet includes a calendar setting out the collection dates.

Most of Brookmans Park is on the 'Lemon Round' with Monday set as the collection day. Check with your leaflet, but if you are on the 'Lemon Round', the list below sets out when you can expect collections to take place.

Paper Only
Jan 13
Feb 10
Mar 10
Apr 7
May 10
Jun 2
Jun 30
Jul 28
Aug 30
Sep 22
Oct 20
Nov 17
Dec 15

Paper & Compost
Jan 27
Feb 24
Mar 24
Apr 26
May 19
Jun 16
Jul 14
Aug 11
Sep 8
Oct 6
Nov 3
Dec 1

Glass Only
Feb 3
Mar 3
Mar 31
Apr 28
May 26
Jun 23
Jul 21
Aug 18
Sep 15
Oct 13
Nov 10
Dec 8

The council says bottles and jars can be of ixed colours, but they must be rinsed first. As with all the collection schemes, items need to be put at the end of your path, or the boundary of your property, so that it is visible from the road, before 8am on collection day.

The council warns that it could take time to deliver the red boxes to every home and also say they come without a lid.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 5, 2003

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