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Council to monitor village parking

Brookmans Park Station car park
Of the 70 spaces available at lunchtime on Monday, 23 were free
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Welwyn Hatfield Council might have to look at new measures to control parking in Brookmans Park, if the plan to charge drivers to use the station car park causes problems in the village.

That's the view of Brookmans Park councillor Bill Storey, responding to the news that pay and display charges are to be introduced in the station car park.

The authority used to lease the car park from Railtrack, now Network Rail, but decided recently not to renew that lease after being quoted, what Cllr Storey described as, a ‘massive increase’ in the cost.

The news of the impending charges came as a surprise to councillor Storey. WHDC had already come to the conclusion that to change the car park to a pay-and-display site would not be economically viable.

Abandoned vehicle
Three spaces taken up by an abandoned and vandalised vehicle. The council says it is taking action to deal with abandoned vehicles.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
WAGN is to introduce parking charges in the next couple of months with the system being run by the car park company Car Parking Services (CPS).

It is likely to cost £3.20 a day for a peak-time ticket and £1 after 10am. A weekly ticket will be in the region of £11 and a monthly about £42, although the exact charges have not been worked out yet.

There are 70 parking spaces in the car park. Normally it is about two-thirds full.

If 55 cars park there and the drivers buy a monthly £42 ticket that would bring in around £2,300 a month or almost £28,000 a year.

Councillor Bill Storey said the authority would have to monitor the impact of the new pay-and-display on parking in the village and, if it caused problems, decide on what fresh measures to introduce in Brookmans Park.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 27, 2003

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