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41 a month to park at station - estimate

Brookmans Park Station car park
Will the car park remain full when people have to pay?
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The minimum charge for parking in Brookmans Park station car park before 10am will be a day-ticket, expected to cost around 3.20.

WAGN's Group Station Manager, responsible for Brookmans Park, Alan Neville, says the charges are probably going to be fairly similar to those at other smaller stations such as Welwyn North.

There, drivers can buy a daily ticket for 3.20, a weekly ticket for 11, or a monthly ticket for 41.81. The charge for parking after 10am is likely to be in line with other stations - around 1.

These figures are just a guide. Alan Neville says the exact cost of parking at Brookmans Park has not been decided yet.

What is certain is that there will be no cheaper ticket than the daily, so if you want to use the car park for shopping before 10am it will cost around 3.20.

The tickets are likely to be sold at the ticket office, when it is staffed, and via a ticket machine.

The system will be run by the car park firm Car Parking Services (CPS). An inspector will check the car park during the day to see if people have valid 'pay and display' tickets on their windscreen, but the site will not be staffed.

So, will charges put motorists off using Brookmans Park station? Will this lead to a reduction in traffic in the mornings and evenings? Or will charges make you feel more secure leaving your car at Brookmans Park? Will it have any impact on shopping and parking in the village?

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 24, 2003

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