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Flood warning for local river

Mimmshall Brook Flooding
Mimmshall Brook flooding
October 2000

Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A flood warning has been issued for the River Colne which flows east and south from North Mymms.

A flood warnings means that flooding is expected and it is time to take action.

Mimmshall Brook, which burst its banks in October 2000, flows into the River Colne, just past North Mymms Park.

On Thursday, January 2, Mimmshall Brook was flowing a metre lower than it was during those floods, but residents on Warrengate Road have already started stockpiling sandbags just in case.

Large quantities of water have accumulated down Bradmore Lane and Warrengate Road and parts of some fields, adjacent to Mimmshall Brook, were under water during January 2.

The Environment Agency, whose site has been failing because of user demand, issued almost 130 flood warnings for various danger spots across the UK on Thursday afternoon, January 2.

Two more local rivers, the Upper River Lea (also known as Lee), between Harpenden and Hertford, and Turkey Brook, between Potters Bar, Cuffley and Enfield, have both been put on flood watch status. This means that flooding is possible.

The Met Office has an excellent animation of British rainfall taken from radar readings.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 2, 2003

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