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Rules on the use of fireworks recommended

firework display
One recommendation is that fireworks should not be used after 11pm
Photo courtesy of FreeFoto
The Government looks set to back new recommendations restricting the use of fireworks by members of the public.

New regulations, in a private members bill due to be debated next month, recommend that the public would only be able to buy fireworks in November, and only use them at certain times during the day during November.

The issue of the use of fireworks, and the times they are set off, has often been the subject of debate in this site's forum.

Fireworks are now used all year round, not only on bonfire night, but also at birthdays, weddings, New Year celebrations and various religious holidays.

But, according to BBC TV News, if the bill becomes law that could all change. The bill recommends that fireworks should only be used in November and that it should be illegal to set them off after 11pm. To use fireworks at any other time of the year would require a special licence, which the organiser of the event would have to apply for.

You can have your say about whether you feel restrictions on the use of fireworks is a good idea or not in this site's forum.

January 18, 2003

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