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Local diversions for roadworks

Local diversioin sign
Signs showing closures and diversion will be place around the village
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Repair work is to be carried out in February on a number of local junctions with the A1000. It will mean diversions for local residents.

According to Hertfordshire County Council, resurfacing work will be carried out at the A1000 junctions with Georges Wood Road and Mymms Drive.

Work will also extend the length of the A1000 from Mymms Drive north to Woodside Lane, Bell Bar.

Signs are to be set up around the village advising local residents of road closures while the work, which is expected to take four weeks, is carried out.

The council says diversions for local traffic are being put in place and all residents will have access to their homes.

The spokesman said traffic would still be able to use the A1000, but not the junctions, while the work takes place.

During that time, local diversions will take northbound traffic out of Brookmans Park via Welham Green and southbound out of the village via Hawkshead Lane.

Local residents wanting to cross the A1000 heading for Northaw, Cuffley, Essendon and Hertford will have to find alternative routes via the diversions mentioned above.

Anyone with any questions not covered above can contact Hertfordshire Highways on 01438-737320.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 27, 2003

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