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Bogus social workers in the area - police

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Police are asking residents to be on their guard for bogus social workers calling door-to-door.

Officers also want people to warn elderly relatives or neighbours of the scam.

It follows two incidents in Welham Green and another in Welwyn Garden City on Tuesday afternoon, January 28.

Two young women called at the homes of two elderly women in Welham Green, claiming to be from the Social Services Elderly Care Unit.

They arrived without an appointment and didnít have identification papers on them.

In both cases they were refused entry. However, what is worrying police is that in both cases, the elderly women they called on were on the Social Services Elderly Care Unitís books.

This is suggesting to police that this is an organised attempt to gain entry into the homes of people who could be vulnerable.

Officers say that if staff from the unit call they will have previously made an appointment and will have identification.

They say that, as in the case of the incidents today, the only safe thing to do is to refuse entry.

The warning came through in recorded message number 107 to local neighbourhood watch co-ordinators in the area.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

January 28, 2003

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