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Another chance to give blood locally

10,000 pints of blood are needed a day for life-saving operations
Photo courtesy of FreeFoto
Thereís another chance to give blood in Brookmans Park this month, one of three opportunities this year.

The National Blood Service will be at the URC, Bluebridge Road, on Saturday, January 25, from 09.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 16.00.

More sessions are planned for June 7 and October 11; same place, same times.

The service needs about 2.5 million donations a year and runs sessions nationwide. Hospitals use about 10,000 pints of blood a day but only 6% of the population donate.

Regular donors are asked to give blood three times a year. If you canít make the three Brookmans Park sessions, mentioned above, you can search for the next nearest session by typing your postcode into the box on the National Blood Service 'sessions' page.

The National Blood Service site also has a page showing the level of blood stocks in all categories. If you know your blood group you can check there to see the how much your donation is needed.

The site says giving blood is not difficult. When you arrive you are asked a few questions about your health, they take a drop of blood from you finger to test and then they start to take your donation. It is all done in ten minutes.

Many who have written about the sessions in this siteís forum talk about how pleasant the atmosphere is, the sense of well-being donating blood gives and how it offers a chance to meet neighbours and have a relaxing chat.

There are some people who can't give blood and this page explains more but if you are between your 17th and 70th birthdays (or up to your 60th if you're a new donor) you can donate, provided you weigh at least 7st 12lbs (50kg).

January 12, 2003

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