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Council apologises for bin collection error

bin bags
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Welwyn Hatfield Council has apologised for a refuse collection mix-up that left some homes with uncollected Christmas rubbish.

The authority says there was a mistake in the text on the printed cards delivered to all homes in the district.

The error was also repeated on the WHDC website.

The card should have read that if refuse was due for collection on Wednesday, December 25, the collection days would be Monday 30, or Tuesday 31.

The card should also have stated that if the normal collection day should have been Thursday, December 26, then residents could expect their rubbish to be collected on either Tuesday, December 31, or Thursday, January 2. Instead it said Monday, December 30, or Tuesday, December 31.

This meant that some people, who were expecting their rubbish to be collected on the Monday or Tuesday wouldn’t have seen the refuse collectors until the Thursday.

The council says that in recent years it has not stated that refuse would be collected on one of two days and a spokesperson has apologised to those who had to put up with having their rubbish left out for longer than expected.

This site also published the incorrect dates which were taken from the Welwyn Hatfield District Council website and checked against the printed card.

January 3, 2003

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