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New interactive village forum

A new interactive forum has been added to this site.

Anyone who registers can have complete anonymity and keep all registration details hidden. All you need to do is choose a nickname and submit your e-mail address. You can choose at that point to have your e-mail hidden.

You can then start posting, responding to existing posts or starting a completely new thread.

Once you have registered you can also change your password, add any details you want, choose an icon and set up your own logo.

You will notice that when you join you will be called a Bronze member with one star.

After 25 posts you progress to Silver member, then Gold after 50, Platinum after 100 and diamond after 200.

Simply go to the forum page and have a look at the issues being discussed.

It might be worth bookmarking the forum so that you can keep up-to-date with local issues.

The starting categories are as follows, but more can be added. Please e-mail suggestions to forum

The Environment: Green belt issues, bonfires, dog mess, fly tipping etc.

Road and Rail: Speeding, parking, school coaches, rail services etc.

Genealogy and Local History: Looking for or offering historical and family information.

General: Help needed, help offered, campaigns, education, greetings, anything goes.

Youth: Scouts, Guides, Youth Club etc.

Education: News about Chancellor's School and Brookmans Park Primary School and their PTA activities.

Eventually the new forum will replace the old 'Have Your Say' section, but for now both will continue.

If you have any suggestions please e-mail forum

January 31, 2002

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