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Second BAFTA blow for local team

For the second year running Brookmans Park film company Charlie Productions has narrowly failed to make the final short list for a BAFTA.

However the group's short film "Burnt Bernard" was still considered to be among the best films produced in 2001.

A spokesman for Charlie Productions said this is something the team is 'very proud of'.

Charlie Productions wanted to particularly thank Femi Houghton, Keeley Beresford, Simon Poole, Jo Harper, Ross Holland, Liz Giles, Helen Neale, Kalil Rouse and Pepper the Rabbit for the success.

The group also wanted to mention Katie Lloyd, Christopher Ward, Adam Waine, Matthew Cartwright, Zeeshan Ahmad and Keith Malin all of whom played their own vital role in the production of this highly acclaimed short film.

You can read more about the film and other productions by going to the Charlie Productions website.

January 25, 2002

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