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Hertfordshire's drink driving shame

Hertfordshire has been labelled one of the worst counties in the country for drink driving.

Figures returned by police following the Christmas New Year break show that Hertfordshire came second in the league of counties where the proportion of those tested proved positive.

There were 269 tests following collisions. Of those 67 proved positive - which gave Hertfordshire a 24.9% rating.

Only South Yorkshire recorded a higher proportion of positive breath tests with 25.1%.

The figures are contained on the BBC News Online Website.

The BBC reports that, nationwide, out of more than 15,000 drivers tested after accidents eight per cent were over the limit. That is one per cent up on last year's figures

According to the BBC, the figures are already forcing government ministers to consider giving police extra powers to deal with persistent drink drivers. It could result in spot checks if police suspect a driver has been drinking.

January 9, 2002

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