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Fresh hope for youth club

Report by Martin Ferdinando

Plans have been progressed by Hertfordshire County Council's Youth Service to re-launch a much needed youth club provision in the area.

Two current East Herts Youth Team workers and a new appointee are currently working with young people in Welham Green to plan and provide a new youth club for teenagers in the area.

It is hoped that the new club will re-open within a month and be based, as before, in the nearby Youth and Community Centre, Station Road.

The Centre, a voluntarily staffed and funded community building, saw Hertfordshire's Youth Service having to withdraw its youth provision in July 1999, when two of its part time workers had to leave the service when their full time careers changed.

The teenagers of Brookmans Park and Welham Green have been without a local youth club since.

A group for younger children, Club 2000, run entirely voluntarily by the Centre was re-launched in March of last year after it also closed in the previous July due to a lack of adult helpers.

It continues to thrive with about 40 children currently attending the weekly meetings.

Further details of the re-launch of the youth club, (when known) will be published on this web page.

Contact youth if you wish to have a direct communication, want to know more about Club 2000 or receive more details on what other activities are provided by the Centre.

Martin Ferdinando, Committee Member, North Mymms Youth & Community Centre.

January 8, 2001

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