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Curtain set to rise on Welham Green

Welham Green is about to enter the world of entertainment by setting up a community theatre group to perform a musical play about the village.

The idea was first discussed before Christmas and now a committee has been set up with more than 30 people ready to help. The aim is to stage a run of performances from October in the village Memorial Hall.

Organisers say the hall has the best stage of any village in the county with excellent sound quality.

According to a leaflet that has been delivered door-to-door throughout the village, and is reproduced on the Welham Green village website, the musical is to be called 'Vincenzo' and is about the eighteenth century hero of the village, Vincenzo Lunardi.

Balloon Corner, Welham Green.  Photograph by Geo. Knott, 1900. - balloon.jpg (8060 bytes)
Balloon Corner, Welham Green.  Photograph by Geo. Knott, 1900.

It is his story, leading up to the first aerial flight in England and culminating with the landing at Balloon Corner in Welham Green.

The leaflet says it is a story of romance, of bravery, of triumph over villainy and success over failure.

The leaflet says that Vincenzo's boundless enthusiasm was, 'so infectious that everyone coming into contact with him was bowled over by his ideas. He was fearless, charming, undaunted and a worth hero for Welham Green'.

The new committee now hopes to raise an exuberant cast, chorus, orchestra and behind the scenes support team in time to begin a run of performances from October.

Already Sir Richard Branson has written to the organisers wishing them success in telling the tale of another famous balloonist.

If you want to get involved either in organising, on stage or behind the scenes you can e-mail the team behind the event or ring on 01707-266996.

Details about the performances are also being publicised on the Welham Green website.

January 20, 2001

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