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Clarification sought on transmitter

An article by Bob Horrocks, Secretary of the North Mymms Green Belt Society, responding to concerns about the Brookmans Park Transmitter aired on this site.

First of all I am a layman so all I can do is apply what I loosely call common sense. Secondly, it is important to avoid confusion between three types of transmissions.

1: The mobile phones, from the aspects of the thing next to your ear which could be the means of radiation entering into your brain, and the antennas which are transmitting signals in all directions. There are no mobile phone antennas or dishes at the BBC site.

2: The BBC radio station transmissions which go out in all directions, and have done so since the late 1920's causing radio programmes to be picked up on domestic wiring, car radios when close to the site etc.

3: Signals to and from the satellite dishes at Brookmans Park. Signals from the satellites to the dishes should cause any problem to local people, animals, or electronics unless the satellite is sending the signal on a fairly narrow beam towards where the dishes are located.

It might be argued that an area, or unknown diameter around the dish, is in the path of the signal and might be affected by it. I do not know why some dishes have a bigger diameter than others except that the bigger dishes may be needed because the satellite is further away, or is sending a weaker signal.

Signals from the dishes are sent on narrow beams to the satellite, in order to conserve power lost if the signal went everywhere. If a house or tree got in the way it would most likely distort the signal.

So, even though the dishes are at a very shallow angle and appear close to houses in Kentish Lane, my logic says that the signal should not actually be hitting the houses. I do not think the dishes ever point towards any other houses except some in Kentish Lane, but correct me if wrong.

Following our Committee meeting on Monday January 8, as Secretary to the Green Belt Society, I wrote to Castle Communications - the satellite dish operator - to see if they would be willing to expand on the 'letter of comfort' sent to Welwyn Hatfield Council in 2000.

The letter can also be read on our North Mymms Green Belt website on the 'actions 2000' page.

Bob Horrocks, Secretary North Mymms Green Belt Society.

January 19, 2001

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