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Scooter warning for parents

The headteacher at Brookmans Park Primary has banned micro-scooters from the school premises. Peter Evans is also warning parents about the dangers of children using scooters in the village after dark.

In a letter to parents, Mr Evans urges them to consider whether it is safe to let their children use them.

“Many children were given micro-scooters for Christmas and they have been appearing after school when some parents bring them down for children to ride home,” he writes.

“I am afraid there is insufficient space for there to be a safe place for the scooters to be used. Please do not bring them onto the school grounds when you collect your child,” the letter continues.

And Mr Evans says he is also concerned about what happens outside of the school premises.

“As I have been going home after school at 5.30-5 45, I have noticed a number of children from this school riding on the pavements at quite high speeds endangering pedestrians and more worryingly for their own safety, speeding down Brookmans Avenue into the Green in the middle of the road. No lights, dark anoraks and almost invisible.

“Before one of your children is involved in a serious accident, I would ask you to consider what they are doing and whether it is safe,” the letter concludes.

If you have any views on this you can use the Have Your Say section. You can also read what others have written about local issues.

January 19, 2001

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