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Mystery of U.S wartime billets

A family from Welwyn is trying to identify the site of billets in Brookmans Park occupied by U.S., forces during the Second World War.

The hunt began on January 5, when the family members travelled out to the village to try to jog the memory of their father who remembered meeting his brother at the site during the war. The brother was serving with the U.S., forces at the time.

Despite having lunch in Brookmans Park and going for a drive down memory lane, they were unable to find the building that served as a temporary home for American servicemen during the fighting.

The father of the family recalled that the building was large and at the end of a long driveway. He remembers it was a manor house of sorts.

The daughter has now written to this site asking if anyone knows of a manor house that was used to house U.S., troops at that time.

The e-mail has been forwarded to the North Mymms Local History Society but if anyone else can help in identifying the place please e-mail this site and the information will be forwarded to the family.

January 5, 2000

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