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Cyber Children

Brookmans Park School is soon to be linked to the World Wide Web.

The initiative, which will also involve the installation of new computers, is being paid for by the  National Grid for Learning at a cost of   6,100.

The Internet is fast becoming a normal form of communication for business and domestic use and it is now viewed as an important part of a child's education.

Teachers will be instructed in how to help children find their way round cyberspace safely while at the same time giving them a grounding in understanding new technology.

Brookmans Park School, which already scores a first with its own Internet site, is again breaking new ground and all thanks to the forward thinking of the staff and parents.

New Deal

Headteacher Peter Evans has also announced that Brookmans Park School was recently successful in bidding for a grant worth 120,000 from the Government's 'New Deal For Schools' initiative.

He says staff at the school were particularly pleased on two counts.  Firstly that the school is the only grant maintained school in Hertfordshire to receive funds from this source and secondly that the money is much needed to maintain the condition of the school buildings.

Raising the Roof

Mr Evans says the money will be used for the re-roofing of most of the Junior School during the summer holidays.  A further application is being made for funds to complete the infants buildings.

Also, before the school resumes in September, the junior toilets will be completely renovated with new flooring, tiling, WCs and cubicles.

The school's policy is to complete as much of the work as possible before what Mr Evans describes as; "the uncertainty of the change to Foundation status", happens next September.

July 20, 1998

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