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1,000 years of local history

There are hundreds of pages of local history on this site charting events from the Domesday Book to the present day.  Click here for the history index.

The search engine on the front page will find every reference to more than 10,000 local names contained on these pages.

Thanks to the North Mymms Local History Society eight complete books have been reproduced in full some with the original photographs and illustrations.

You can read the history of the Gobions Estate and discover some of the secrets so far unearthed and read about those yet to be found.

The late Dorothy Colville's account of the people of North Mymms records life from the turn of the last millennium.   

There are four books by local author Peter Kingsford including his Modern History of Brookmans Park, his work about Victorian Times in North Mymms, his record of the schools and their children from 1700 and his account of life in the Parish in the 19th century.

There is the text of an old parchment covered accounts book found in the vestry of St Mary's Church containing the accounts of various churchwardens between 1762 and 1901 and a short history of North Mymms Park.

The site also has a number of features taken from the North Mymms Local History Society's newsletters including the history of Water End School, the building of the Great North Road, the original sales brochure when Brookmans Park was first put on the market as a place to live, the coming of the industrial revolution and many more historical articles.

There is a fascinating work by Bill Killick on local place names, how they changed and what they mean, along with his study of the name Moffats.

Two more works by Peter Kingsford record the social structure in the area in Victorian times and the rise in poaching caused by the depression in agriculture around 1836.

There are ten 'memories' of life in North Mymms collected by the Local History Society including an oral history of the life of James Chuck, born in 1903, the memories of Tom Nott who was ten when the Boer War started, recollections of the air raids during the Great War and how people got about before the trains arrived.

There is a moving account of the arrival of war-time evacuees from the east end of London and memories of when Moffats Lane was a farm road and shopping was done on foot or by bike.

And all these pages can be searched in full using the search engine on the front page of the site.

Jan 1, 2000

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