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History Society membership doubles

The North Mymms Local History society has more than doubled its membership in three years. The Society now has 93 people on its books and is aiming to have 100 members in time for the Millennium.

The increase in membership has led to a growth in the audience for the monthly meetings held at the United Reform Church in Brookmans Park, so much so that there were queues at the door last month when 88 people turned up for a talk on the history of Hatfield House.

Membership secretary John Harris said they had to borrow extra chairs to cope with the demand. Not that they are complaining, the Society has an open door policy with members and non-members all welcome to the meetings.

New sound system needed

However it has highlighted the society's need for a new sound system, which can usually cope with smaller crowds but is now struggling to make itself heard at the back of the room.

Anyone who can help the society find a cheap, portable and efficient system should call John on 01707-655355. John Harris can also help with membership enquiries and details of meetings.

Local history books reprinted

The growth in interest has also led to a reprint of four local history books by the author Peter Kingsford. The books were out of print and unavailable in the shops but now, not only has there been a second reprint, but the society is considering a third.

The books are only 3 each and a limited number of the second print run of 200 is still available.

Busy programme

The society has a busy autumn/winter programme with nine meetings planned before the spring. They take place at 8pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month and all are welcome, whether you are a member or not.

The next meeting, on Tuesday October 26th, is also expected to be well attended when Ron Kingdon, the society's local photographer, will be showing his own films of life in the area during the 50s, 60s and 70s.

A full list of all the meetings, the speakers and the subject matter, is kept updated on the history society's programme page on this site.

October 3, 1999

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