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Golf club housing plan opposed

It's understood that Potters Bar Golf Club is considering using 10 acres of land, currently classified as green belt, for housebuilding.  The land in question, at the south end of the club, is currently occupied by the club buildings, a car park and holes one and 18

The proposal was brought to the attention of the North Mymms Green Belt Society who investigated further. 

Potters Bar Golf Club comes under Hertsmere Borough Council. When asked whether there were any plans to build houses on its land a spokesman at the club suggested a call be made to Hertsmere Borough Council.  A spokesman at the council's planning department said they had not received a planning application for housing from the club but said there were 'rumours' to that effect.

In order for the building to go ahead, the green belt boundaries would have to be changed.  The Welwyn Hatfield Times, which has also been investigating the rumours, claims to have spoken to the surveyor representing the landowners.  The paper says he revealed that the entrance from to the course from Darkes Lane is a logical choice for homebuilding.

It is thought the golf course would then have to extend north into land adjacent to the Royal Vet College and a new entrance, car park and club house would have to be built off Hawkeshead Lane.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society investigates all planning applications by contacting the local authority and parties involved.  The Society uses its Website to publishes the latest planning applications, raise objections and set out details of all the applications currently being challenged.

Bob Horrocks, secretary of the North Mymms Green Belt Society is concerned about any possible changes to the green belt boundaries.

"It's the threat to the green belt that is the worry. The overriding presumption has to be that green belt boundaries are static," he said.

Now Bob Horrocks has approached both the Potters Bar Green Belt Society and the London Green Belt Council and is confident of their support in opposing any such plans.

You can contact the Green Belt Society at

July 6, 1999

Have you any views on this issue?  Should the green belt boundaries be moved to allow building to take place?   You can contribute directly to this site by using the Have Your Say form.

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