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Foundation status for school?

Governors at Brookmans Park School have voted unanimously for the school to accept the new foundation status.

Under the Schools Standards and Framework
Act, the government established four new categories of schools: community, foundation   voluntary controlled and voluntary aided.

The Department for Education and Employment, the DfEE has given every school an indicative status. Brookmans Park was grant-maintained but that category will no longer exist after August 31, 1999, instead foundation status is being recommended.

Foundation Schools

At foundation schools, the governing body will employ the school’s staff and have primary responsibility for admission arrangements (as governing bodies of GM schools do now). The school’s land and buildings will be owned by the governing body or by a charitable foundation.

The new categories and options for parents explained in full....

If parents disagree with the governors' preliminary decision and organise a proper petition, a ballot of parents has to be held on the school’s new category. 


According to Brookmans Park's headteacher Peter Evans such a petition must state the name and address of the parent or parents organising it and be signed by at least a number of parents equal to 20% of the number of pupils registered at the school.  In Brookmans Park's case this is 62 parents. Any petition has to be handed in by Thursday December 17.

In order to help with the compiling of the petition, parents can obtain a list of registered parents’ names and addresses from the school. However, at least ten parents must sign a request for the list before it is released.

If you do not wish your name and address to be released to a parent compiling a petition, you should inform the school by Thursday November 12,  requesting that your name and address is removed from the list before it is released. "This will not affect your eligibility to vote should a ballot be held", Mr Evans said.

If no valid petition is received by the due date, the final decision will be taken within 20 school days following the final date on which a petition could have been received which means the last date for the final decision will be Monday February 1, 1999.

BBC News Online's Education Section explains the issues and options.

Oct 23, 1998

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