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Folly Arch continues to crack

More cracks have appeared in the grade II listed Folly Arch. The local greenbelt society has written to the local authority demanding action.

Work to repair Folly Arch was supposed to get underway last year but a series of delays has meant that the structure has been left to deteriorate.

The local Green Belt Society has been campaigning for the monument to be repaired but a lack of funds has meant that the work has been left undone. Click here for the North Mymms Green Belt Society's site.

Over recent months the crack under the arch has widened. Steel girders were put in place to try to hold the monument together but despite that more cracks have appeared and the original crack has widened

According to the local Green Belt Society trees may have damaged the foundations making it difficult for the construction to be made safe. The recent wet weather may not have helped.

English Heritage is aware of the problem and representatives from the group have inspected the site.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society has now written to the local authority demanding engineers pay another visit to the site and try to speed up the overdue repair work.

April 23, 2000


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