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Fly tipping is attracting rats

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A three piece suite dumped by the railway in Hawkshead Lane

Do you recognise this furniture blocking the footpath alongside the railway on Hawkshead Lane? It is just another example of an increasing problem which one local authority says is creating the ideal environment for rats to thrive.

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Have you sat on this sofa recently?

The warning comes from Hertsmere Borough Council who say fly tippers are helping rats to flourish. Country lanes and car parks are the prime target areas for people to dump their household waste in public places rather than designated waste disposal sites.

According to the Welwyn Hatfield Times, Hertsmere has launched a poster campaign to make people aware of the link between fly tipping and health.

The poster reads: “Fly tipping and litter - luxury accommodation for rats. It’s our environment not theirs.”

The paper quotes environmental health worker Alan O’Brien urging local residents to report fly tippers to the council.

“Every small piece of litter which gets thrown away adds up to one big pile of rubbish. If there is nothing on the surface, the rats will stay underground so please don’t encourage them”.

There are several waste sites in the area where people can dump their rubbish free of charge, the main site being Cranborne Road in Potters Bar.

Anyone who sees anyone fly tipping in the Hertsmere District is urged to call the authority on 020-8207-7480.  If you see fly tipping in the Welwyn Hatfield District you should call 01707-357000.

The Community Policing Unit at Hatfield Police station (01707 638100) would also like to hear from anyone who sees people fly tipping.

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May 5, 2000

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