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Litter blitz a success

The lanes and hedgerows of North Mymms have been cleared of litter and rubbish thanks to the efforts of a team of volunteers who joined forces on Sunday April 9 as part of a nationwide spring clean.

The volunteers spent two hours kitted out in gloves and overalls filling rubbish bags with litter as well as household and garden waste that had either been dropped or dumped in the area.

The local part of a national event was organised by the Gobions Woodlands Trust, the North Mymms Residents’ Association and Friends of the Earth.

Volunteers were given instructions on which areas to clear and were offered a free drink at a local pub at the end of the clear up.

Organisers have also been urging those who dump rubbish in public places to use local authority waste sites instead.

“People may think that it is acceptable to dump garden rubbish in hedgerows and even over their back garden fences on to other people's land. However this is both an offence and unneighbourly. At the County Council's household waste depot, on the Cranbourne Estate off Mutton Lane in Potters Bar, there is a container specifically for garden waste - which is then shredded and composted, to everyone's benefit,” a spokesman said.

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April 10, 2000

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