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Fly tipping fears

Furniture, car parts and building waste are being regularly dumped in the car park at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre by fly tippers.

Organisers say the problem is so acute that it is now draining essential Youth Club resources to deal with the problem.

According to organisers the list of items dumped in recent weeks include two mattresses, a car engine, suspension dampers, an electric chain saw, car tyres, car wheels, a settee, clothing and carpeting.

The Club has also had to clear away several loads of old roofing material and other building waste and garden rubbish.

Club spokesman, Martin Ferdinando, says voluntary committee members and the management team, many in their 60's and 70's, are left with the task of clearing up the waste.

“As a charity, the Centre can ill afford the cost of clearing up the mess, often left dumped in the adjacent stream, blocking and polluting the water course,” he said.

And he has appealed to the public to help track the fly tippers.

“People attend the Centre, either to participate in a function, to walk their dogs on the adjacent fields, or to legitimately dispose of waste at the nearby re-cycling bank. Members of the management committee who run the centre appeal to those visitors to look out for suspicious vehicles and to take registration numbers,” he said.

Concern has also been expressed by staff at the Royal Veterinary College in Hawkshead Lane. Spokesman John Fisher, in an e-mail to this site’s ‘Have Your Say’ also urged the public to be help track those who are responsible for fly tipping in the local lanes.

“Please join us in keeping eyes peeled for tell-tale identification amongst the rubbish, number plates of suspiciously-acting vehicles (cars, vans AND lorries) and report it to the police straightaway,” he writes.

The Police have been made aware of the increasing problem and have been provided with some evidence, removed from the latest dump by Youth Club members, which may give a clue to its origin.

If anyone has any information about illegal fly tipping either at the Centre or elsewhere in the District, the Community Policing Unit at Hatfield Police station would like to hear from you on 01707 638100.

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March 17, 2000

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