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Burglaries on the rise


Burglaries in Brookmans Park have increased over recent months according to local police and the homes at most risk are those backing onto open spaces.

Neighbourhood officer, Jo Wakelen, writing in the latest neighbourhood watch newsletter, warns residents to take extra care.

"If you are going away, make sure your property is secure. Things like light timers are a very good idea. Also, donít leave your vehicle on the drive. If it has not moved for two weeks it makes it obvious that there is no one in the property."

PC Wakelen advises those who are going away to tell neighbours and ask them to open and close curtains and move post off the doormats.

She says that due to special operations carried out by police the burglaries have decreased, but that should not make people complacent. If anyone sees anyone acting suspiciously they should dial 999.

There have also been a number of distraction burglaries and PC Wakelen is issuing a warning for anyone who might be suspicious.

"If someone has not shown you proper identification as to who they are, please do not let them into your home. These offenders use all sorts of methods to gain entry to homes. They will say they are from the gas board, water board or even from the police. Always ask for identification, if they do not give you any do not let them in and ring the police immediately."

The newsletter also covers issues such as the parking at the Royal Veterinary College, parking on Pine Grove and parking on the pavement.

There is also a warning that police are aware that Gobions is becoming Ďa favourite haunt for people using cannabisí, with recent seizures and arrests. Again, local residents are urged to ring 01707-638112 if they notice anything suspicious.

You can discuss the crime figures in this site's forum.

24 February 2008

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