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Black ice to follow snow

Bradmore Green

Motorists are being warned to take care on the roads tonight with black ice and freezing fog expected.

Local schools are closed today following overnight snow.

The Highways Agency says people should only travel on the roads if their journey is essential and should take warm clothing, food and water, a torch and spade.

The snow that led to the closure of local schools is heading north, but it will leave behind icy conditions with overnight temperatures expected to fall to as low as -3C (26F).

Local train services are running, but there are some delays.

According to First Capital Connect there could be disruption to all services due to the snow and people are advised to allow more time for their journeys.

You can check the latest situation at the First Capital Connect website.

Customers are advised to check back here at frequent intervals for up to date information, or to contact

You can discuss the snow in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

February 8, 2007

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