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Bin collection days changing

bin collections
Don't forget to check the new collection days

Refuse collection days are to change from 1 April as Welwyn Hatfield introduces plans which it says are aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing pollution.

The authority says the change is to enable the fleet of vehicles, operated by Serco, to concentrate on one area of the borough at a time.

After a quick check of the new collection days (see alphabetical lists below), it appears that Welham Green collections will be on Thursdays and Brookmans Park and Little Heath collections on Fridays - however, do check your address to be sure.

In a council news release, the authority gives three main reasons for the change:

  • Minimum miles - Each day, the collection vehicles will concentrate on one area, instead of working throughout the borough. This will be more efficient and reduce the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment. Carbon dioxide and methane produced by vehicles, are known to contribute to global warming.
  • Block collections - All vehicles will be concentrated in a similar area enabling a quicker response to operational problems e.g. vehicle break downs and missed bins, more effectively.
  • Use our resources more efficiently - Making the way we work more efficient will enable us to reallocate spare resources. As a result, we are able to expand our glass and paper collections to new housing developments, as well as making brown bins available to all residents.

The news release continues by reminding residents that:

  • Refuse should be on the boundary on the correct day.
  • Refuse should be available from 5am or, if necessary, the night before.
  • Please bear in mind that when your collection day changes, the time we visit may also change.
  • Continue to look out for bank holiday collection arrangements on the council website, in council publications, or in the local press.
  • These changes will not affect your recycling collections, these will continue as normal.
You can discuss this issue in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

February 18, 2007

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