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Plastic bottle recycling

Plastic bottles image courtesy of
Only certain types of bottles are accpeted

Plastic bottle recycling banks are being set up around Welwyn Hatfield in an attempt to cut down on landfill and save the environment.

The council says of all plastics, bottles are the easiest to recycle into useful products.

However, there are types of bottles that are not accepted at the authority’s reprocessing outlets.

Labelling varies, so it is difficult to specify every possible variation of acceptable recycling symbols.

In an effort to help, the council has set out the most commonly used abbreviations or symbols that can be found on the plastic bottles it will accept for recycling.

The council will not collect items labelled with any other plastic abbreviation or symbol (this includes items labelled with a number higher than 3, no label at all, or ‘other’).

plastic types
Check the labels before recycling

“Too many of the incorrect plastics will contaminate the load and may result in it being rejected by the reprocessing plants,” a spokesperson said.

“As well as being a waste of time and money, this undermines the green efforts of residents as the plastic could then end up in landfill.”

Residents who want to recycle their plastic bottles are asked to wash and squash them so they take up less space.

Remove the lids first, because some bottles can withstand high pressure which prevents them from being crushed and baled.

For more advice please contact the council on 01707-357000 or visit the council’s website.

You can discuss the plastic recycling in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

February 2, 2007

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