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Local magistrates needed

Hertford Magistrates Court Photo Steve Beeston and courtesy of Discover Hertford
Hertford's Magistrates Court image courtesy of Steve Beeston

Hertfordshire is looking for volunteers who would like to serve as magistrates, dealing with a wide range of criminal cases from shoplifting to family disputes.

The Hertfordshire Advisory Committee is planning to hold interviews during the summer and autumn.

Anyone interested needs to apply by the end of March. The following text is taken from a Herts County Council news release.

Magistrates come from all backgrounds, ethnic groups, and occupations and must be aged between 18-70.

No formal qualifications are needed but candidates must be able to show at interview that they are of good character, with respect for the law, an awareness of social issues, the ability to listen to all sides of an argument and to contribute to a fair and reasonable decision.

Training is provided and all newly appointed magistrates are assigned mentors who will assist them through the process. An experienced legal adviser will support them.

Magistrates are not paid for carrying out their duties, but can claim expenses for travelling, meal allowances and loss of earnings (in some cases).

Information and application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Constitutional Affairs website or are available from Mrs Anne-Marie Pennington at the Lieutenancy Office, County Hall, Hertford SG13 8DE telephone 01992 556551.

Once local resident wrote a feature for this site about what it is like to serve as a magistrate. Click here to read it.

You can discuss this issue in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

February 9, 2007

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