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New Media Award nominations invited

The Award
The New Statesman New Media Awards ceremony

Nominations are now open for the New Statesman New Media Awards 2006. This site has won the national award twice and been commended on three occasions.

If any local residents want to nominate the Brookmans Park Newsletter for this year’s award, you can do so by filling out the form on the New Statesman site.

If you do, the site will appear on the page on the New Statesman site listing all nominations.

The most important category is probably the Independent Information Award category where, according to the New Statesman, "the award will go to the individual or organisation that best uses new media technology to provide an alternative, informative voice enhancing democratic debate."

The form (click here to access it) has a space where people can write why they feel the site should be considered for the award.

If anyone does decide to nominate the site, please nominate 'The Brookmans Park Newsletter' and not any individuals connected with the site - it's a team effort and a massive part of that effort are all the contributions made to this forum and the content contributed by local community groups.

Here is the site’s past record in this competition.

  • In 2005, the site won the Community and Information Award.
  • In 2004, the site was commended as runner up in the Community and Information section of the New Media Awards. The shortlist was drawn up from a nominations list of more than 100 sites nationwide.
  • In 2002, the site came runner-up in the Online Communities category of the New Statesman New Media Awards, behind the popular Friends Reunited site. According to the judges, commendation means, "that the judges found the site excellent in design, content and execution, finding it very difficult indeed to choose the winner".
  • In 2000, the site won the Overall Merit award, again in the New Statesman New Media Awards, for having, "served the public interest in developing a democratically accountable civil society during the previous 12 months".
  • In 1999, the site was commended in the New Statesman Awards for, "the use of new technology in empowering individuals locally."
You can discuss the awards in a thread in this site's forum.

24 February 2006

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