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Guidelines for confronting intruders

Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park
The local community officer has set out the ground rules for how far people should go to defend themselves and their homes from intruders. The guidelines are issued as concern grows about the level of local crime.

In his spring neighbourhood watch newsletter (click here to read), community officer, PC Jitu Dave, sets out what people should do when confronted by an intruder in their own home.

According to PC Dave, the list of questions and answers contained in the newsletter have been drawn up by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

They cover issues such as the use of ‘reasonable force’, whether a local resident has to wait to be attacked before using defensive force and the likelihood of ending up facing a fine or sentence yourself.

The newsletter also reminds people to try to attend the local crime meeting being held at the Brookmans Park URC on Tuesday 21 February at 8pm. Click here for more on that meeting.

There is a discussion running in this site's forum about local crime and community policing.

19 February 2006

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