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North Mymms history video on broadband

View of Gobions from the south west across the pond. Tinted print from
View of Gobions from the south west across the pond. Tinted print from "Views of Seats of Noblemen & Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland" J.P. Neale 1818. Courtesy of Hertfordshire County Records Office. Click here to read the history of Gobions
The half hour video of the history of North Mymms, put together by the local history society in 1986, is now available in broadband quality.

Click here to download a suitable player for the video. When you have done that, click here to view the video in broadband quality.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to view the video on slower connections, although we hope to upload a version for slower connections in the future.

The video was produced by Hugh Baddeley and Philip Elgar along with other members of North Mymms Local History Society (NMLHS).

NMLHS has given this site permission to reproduce the video, along with dozens of books and features, which can also be found in this site’s history section.

All references date back to before 1986. The phrase "the last century" means the 19th century. "After the war" mean after WWII (1939-45) and in some places our understanding of historical "facts" have changed.

For example, what is described in the video as the surviving "old bridge which was part of the garden laid out by Charles Bridgeman" was, according to other records, built by R.W.Gaussen in about 1840.

One of the Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) team has written to this site asking whether any viewers of the video know anything about when Gubbins Lake (also known as Gobions Pond) was created.

The video says, "Almost nothing remains of Gubbins House, except the lake created by Charles Bridgeman." However, our contact at GWT says the lake was not there in Bridgeman's time and they have no record of him planning to create it, indeed its position interferes with part of his layout for the gardens.

The GWT team thinks the lake was created about 50 years after Bridgeman's death (in 1738). If anyone can shed any light on its origins please do so in the forum thread on this issue.

10 February 2005

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