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Potterells history published

Potterells - The view from the north-west, 1981
Fig 9. The view from the north-west, 1981.
(By courtesey of The Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England)
Click here for a larger version

Beatrix Potter once went there for tea, but became bored. Its white pillars were imitation and hollow, made of wood not stone. It was once one of the great manors of North Mymms.

Now, an article about the history of Potterells has been reproduced on this site.

The origins of Potterells are thought to date back to the 15th century. Over a period of 300 years it became home to many wealthy and influential families, including the Conningsbys and Casamajors.

During World War II some of its outbuildings were used to make small arms, and in 1965 it was sold and left empty, gradually becoming derelict. The last pictures of Potterells, taken in the early 80s, are of a ruin shortly before it crumbled into a heap of rubble.

Now, following a request for more information posted in the forum, an article covering the history of Potterells has been found in the archives of the North Mymms Local History Society.

The author of the piece, John Brushe, has been contacted, and he has given permission for the article to be reproduced on this site. There are also a dozen photographs included in the piece. Click here for the photo gallery of Potterells.

17 February 2004

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