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Police to get tough on phones in cars

driver using mobile phone while driving
Police say drivers are four times more likely to have accidents if they drive while using a mobile phone.
Police say there has been a ‘disappointing’ response from motorists to calls to stop using mobile phone while driving, Now officers are set to get tough with offenders.

Nationwide there was a two-month ‘educational period’ where, in most cases, police cast a blind eye to people breaking the new law.

From 1 December 2003, any motorists caught using a mobile phone while driving, faced a £30 fixed-penalty fine, or up to £1,000 on conviction in court. Drivers of goods vehicles, buses or coaches faced a fine of £2,500.

Hertfordshire police say all motorists should be aware of the new law by now, and it is time to enforce it.

"Despite this educational period, it's disappointing to see drivers still choosing to drive while using the phone. We will no longer tolerate this. Any driver caught using a phone will now be liable to prosecution," a spokeperson for Hertfordshire police said.

Officers claim research shows that drivers are four times more likely to have an accident while driving and using the phone.

The Department for Transport has a set of frequently asked questions about the new law. You can discuss this and other issues in this site's forum

4 February 2004

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