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Long service award for world traveller
by Bob Horrocks

Ken Culshaw being presented with his plaque by Cllr Frank Maynard - Image courtesy of Bob Horrocks
Ken Culshaw being presented with his plaque by the parish council chairman, councillor Frank Maynard
Image courtesy of Bob Horrocks
North Mymms Parish Council has three groundsmen who look after the various areas of land owned by the council. The head groundsman, Ken Culshaw, has now completed 25 years service.

To celebrate this occasion chairman Frank Maynard presented Ken with a parish council plaque, suitably inscribed, and a gift voucher.

A Liverpudlian, Ken learned his gardening skills at Liverpool Polytechnic after two years in the Merchant Navy. The outdoor life attracted him to the job where every day is different and he can meet people.

One memorable incident occurred when about forty ‘rockers’ (motorcyclists) gathered together one evening. Ken called the police, but he arrived on his own. Fortunately he recognised some of them and was able to find out they were just having a gathering and would cause no problems.

Ken lives in Welham Green with his wife Christine and has a daughter Karen.

He is the founder and head of Welham Martial Arts, which meets every week. This has now grown into an international group teaching and examining in ten countries. He has taught all ages from five to 65.

Ken is a keen traveller and has visited many countries from Canada to Japan as he pursues his hobby.

by Bob Horrocks

12 February 2004

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