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Golfers driven off council land

Sign at Gobions Open Space
New signs will be replace the old in Gobions Open Space
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Local golfers are being reminded that they are not allowed to practise on Gobions Open Space and the Hawkshead Road recreation grounds, Little Heath. The parish council says the activity is a health and safety risk.

The ban is not new, but it seems that many have been ignoring, or have not seen, the signs saying that golf is not allowed.

Parish groundsmen have already stopped a number of golfers hitting balls in the area. New signs setting out the rule are being ordered and will soon be erected.

North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) is concerned that balls, hit through the air, could injure others using the local authority land. The council also says that golf balls left behind in the grass can be hurled through the air by the councilís grass cutter and could hit an innocent bystander.

Trustees of the Gobions Woodland Trust also say that the playing or practising of any ball games is highly inappropriate on any of the Trust's land, which is designated as a Wildlife Site in the District Plan.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

12 February 2004

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