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Flood alleviation work completed

Concrete coated metal walls edge Mimmshall Brook along Warrengate Road
Concrete coated metal walls edge Mimmshall Brook along Warrengate Road
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Itís taken more than nine months to complete and was projected to costs £1.5 million, but now it is finished and the residents of Warrengate Road are protected against floods.

The Mimmshall Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme will be officially opened at an invitation-only ceremony on Friday 5 March, when the local MP, Melanie Johnson, will unveil a plaque marking the event.

The project was supervised by the Environment Agency and the work carried out by civil engineering contractor Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd.

This site published details of the work involved in May last year. That feature included (some images will be slow to download):

A photogallery has been put together showing the site taken on 25 February 2004.

The work began on Tuesday 20 May, 2003, and was due to be completed by December 2003. Traffic diversions have been in place for most of the construction period.

Residents have faced severe flooding in the past. In October 2000, some had to evacuate their homes after the brook burst its banks and flooded Warrengate Road and some nearby houses.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís Forum.

26 February 2004

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