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Delay in setting secondary school places

chancellor's school main entrance
Chancellor's was not one of the five schools investigated, but admission decisions will be delayed as a result.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
All Hertfordshire’s 16,000 secondary school applications are to be reprocessed following an investigation into the admission rules of five schools.

Parents bidding for secondary school places will have to wait until the end of March before they hear whether their child has been allocated a place at their chosen school.

The delay has been caused by an investigation by the Schools Adjudicator following a complaint about admission arrangements at Parmiter’s, Watford Grammar School for Boys, Watford Grammar School for Girls, Dame Alice Owen’s and Queens’.

It had been claimed that selection by ability has an adverse effect on the non-selective schools and meant that local children who do not pass the selection test and who do not already have a brother or sister at the school have little chance of a place.

The Schools Adjudicator partially upheld the objections in the case of three schools, Parmiter’s, Watford Grammar School for Boys, and Watford Grammar School for Girls. He found that the other two schools, Dame Alice Owen’s and Queens’, had taken steps to increase the numbers of local children admitted and did not uphold the objections in those cases.

Click here for the news release on the Schools Adjudicator’s findings.

Because the Schools Adjudicator's ruling affects the admission rules of three of the schools, all of the county council's 16,000 secondary school applications will now have to be re-processed.

A council spokesperson said that the allocation process will go ahead using original preferences. Deadlines for appeals and continuing interest lists will be adjusted because of the delay.

The deadline for appeals will now be extended until 4pm on April 20 to accommodate the delay. The deadline for returning the allocation responses and continuing interest forms has also been extended until 9.30am on April 20.

A letter was sent to all parents earlier this month explaining the situation.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

28 February 2004

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