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‘Unexpected development’ delays school places

chancellor's school
Chancellor's admissions decisions could be delayed while the Schools Adjudicator investigates the admissions policy of five schools
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large
Parents waiting to hear whether their children have been accepted for local state schools have been told of an ‘unexpected’ delay in the process.

A letter has gone out from Hertfordshire County Hall to say that the development means that "it may not now be possible to offer you a secondary school place for your son or daughter until 31 March 2004."

The letter, reproduced in full on this site, explains that a problem has arisen following an objection to the admission rules to five schools, which the county says it thought had been resolved.

The local authority says the Schools Adjudicator is now investigating the objection, and the process will not be completed until the second half of this month (February 2004).

The letter goes on to say that if the Adjudicator does change the admission rules for any of the five schools, then all of this year’s 16,000 applications will need to be processed again.

The delay is particularly worrying for parents who are considering entering their children for independent schools as a fallback should they fail to win admission to the state school of their choice.

Several of the private schools are demanding deposits up front, some by early March, and the delay could be costly for those who have to try to secure a place at a fee-paying school while they wait for the Schools Adjudicator to issue a ruling.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

2 February 2004

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