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Millennium avenue planted

Mymms Drive
The volunteers who took part in the tree planting project
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A team of 17 volunteers has planted an avenue of oak, alder and holly in Gobions to mark the millennium.

The trees, six oak (Quercus robur), four alder (Alnus glutinosa), and six holly (Ilex acquifolium), now form an avenue running north to south across the upper Leach Field.

Click here to see a picture gallery of the event.

According to a spokesperson for Gobions Woodland Trust, the oak trees were chosen because they provide an excellent habitat for insects, which in turn provide a valuable source of food for the local bird life.

The alder trees produce seeds, which are a popular food for siskins, and the holly trees provide berries, which are an important winter food for many species of birds.

Click here for a page of images of local birds including the siskin.

They, along with 100 hawthorn bushes cost 625. Hertfordshire County Council contributed 250 from its Local Agenda 21 fund, a local resident gave 50 and Gobions Woodland Trust covered the rest.

Michael Jonas, one of the trustees for Gobions Woodland Trust, said the trees were also chosen because they will add colour to the upper Leach Field at all times of the year.

Michael also praised the number of volunteers, including a few local scouts, who turned out to help plant the trees.

"It has been a brilliant turn out, better than expected with many new faces turning up to help including some new residents and former residents of Brookmans Park. It was a real cross-section of the community and I would like to thank everyone who took part," he said.

The trust carries out regular work parties each Sunday and, of the 17 who carried out the work 11 were new to helping on such projects. Two turned up after seeing flyers posted at the gates of the field and four saw the tree planting mentioned on this Website.

You can discuss environmental issues in this site's forum.

February 23, 2003

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