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Invitation to join tree-planting party

Mymms Drive
Gobions Woodland Trust continues to plant new trees
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Can you spare an hour or two to help Gobions Woodland Trust plant trees on Sunday, February 23?

On most Sunday mornings, throughout the year, a small band of volunteers meets to help with environmental projects within Gobions Wood.

These work parties undertake tasks such as path maintenance, hedge cutting and laying, and clearing of waterways.

Sunday will see the start of the annual planting of trees. This year we intend to create an avenue of trees in the upper Leach Field and more volunteers would be very welcome.

Can you spare and hour or two? If so, we should be very grateful for your support.

There would be no commitment to attend future work parties and you can spend as long, or as little, time with us as you like. Some of us usually end up in the pub for a drink and a chat afterwards.

We are meeting at the entrance to Leach Fields next to 58 Bluebridge Road between 9:15 and 9:30. You will need to wear wellington boots and, if you have a spade, please bring it.

If you have any questions, please call Michael Jonas (01707-260129 during working hours), or Bernard Spatz (01707-656135). We look forward to seeing you.

Item submitted by Gobions Woodland Trust

February 17, 2003

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